International Journal of Science

Volume 10, Issue 5

Research and Application of Trajectory Offset Law for Drilling Through Layers



Jian Liu, Wenqing Zhao, Shibin Xiao, Wenyong Liu, Xiaolong Li


Isolation and identification of two mixotrophic flagellates and their feeding on Microcystis



Shun Liu, Weiran Feng, Yali Tang, Shuping Liang


Analysis of Industry Linkages in the Information Industry



Min Zhang, Yaqi Chen, Anning Ye


On the influence of space division in interior design with the example of two generations in the same room



Yulu Wang


Auto Service Marketing Management System And Method Through Wechat



Chunyang Zhao, Yunqiu Shi, Ping Liu, Xueling Nie, Yaozhen Li,

Chunting Peng


How to Resist Imitation Competition in Product Crowdfunding? Mechanisms of Information Disclosure



Yilang Luo, Tongyue Feng, Jing Ouyang and Haoran Hu


Code Plagiarism Detection System Based on Programming Courses - Taking "Python Programming" as an Example



Jun Pan, Shihua Liu and Lili Shi


Research on Investment Efficiency of Real Estate Industry inAnhui Province Based on DEA Model



Zejiong Zhou, Qingting Zhan


Chlorine within reach” - IoT-based hypochlorite disinfection and epidemic prevention system



Rui Zhang, Jianxin Hu


Risk Assessment and Warning Visualization Based on Online Public Opinion Dissemination: A Case Study of Multisource Social Media in Wenzhou



Jun Pan, Shihua Liu, Mengmeng Gu


Research on the Mechanism of the Impact of Financial Technology on Green Economic Development in China



Hongyu Zhou


Motion Analysis Research of Harmonic Reducer Based on Abaqus



Kun Ni, Fa Zhou, Ruigang Lu, Mengjiao Lv


Innovation in Teaching Management under the Deep Integration of Colleges and Enterprises



Jing Sun


Quantitative Forecast of Land Based on Regression and SPSS



Bi He, Chuanzhi Geng


WPT System based on PSO Algorithm with Anti-Coupling Coefficient Change



Linna Yang, Zikai Li and Xin Ye


Thoughts on the landing of UNECE R155 related detection activities



Hao Shan, Yanyan Han , Kexun He, Xuebin Shao


Surface Settlement Analysis of an Ultrashallow Buried Large Span Rectangular Pipe-jacking Tunnel Under a Crossing Expressway



Rencui Zhou, Da Hu, Luo Xiao, Shun Yi, Yongjia Hu, Junwen Yu,

Xuejuan Xiang


Study on the path of Wenzhou's deep integration into the Yangtze River Delta--Based on the perspective of industry-city-people integration



Xiuxiu Chen


Zigong physical education teacher team construction and countermeasure research under the new curriculum reform



Jianbiao Yang, Jianhui Zhou, Jie Ding


Evaluation and Prediction of Carbon Emissions on Land Use in Inner Mongolia



Xiaofeng Jia, Aruhan


Research Progress and Prospect on Land Use and Ecosystem Services



Zhida Chen


Research on Influencing Factors of Pre Service Physics Teachers' Technical Inclination



Qingqing Lei, Fangyin Zhang and Bing Xue


Reliability analysis of cantilever beam structure based on multiplier method and immune algorithm



Hongchun Wu, Linjun Wang, Yunlong Peng, Yang Huang


Arduino-based flexible electronic intelligent production and processing system



Jiexu Cui, Xiaomeng Liu


Mobile Robot Localization and Acquisition Based on Extended Kalman Filtering



Dong Ling, Zhang Lu


Research on Quantitative Investment Strategies Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning



Zheng Li, Xiaoyu Pan, Sijia Chen, Ling Jiang


Research on traffic flow prediction of augmented multi-component transformer based on dynamics and periodicity



Linlong Chen, Hongyan Wang


On Perfecting the senile Determined Guardianship System in remote area of our country



Quan Xu, Xinru Zhao, Yang Liu and Wen Tang


Design and Implementation of Intelligent Table Lamp Based on ESP8266



Ruipeng Chen, Gang Huang


Research on the application of directional drilling machine in gas control of upper corner



Guang Luo


Construction of Curriculum Standards for Machine Vision Technology and Applications Integrating "Post -Course- Competition- Certificate"



Pengda Zou


Analysis of the relationship between the RMB exchange rate and China's bilateral investment



Senyi Li, Li Yu, Demi Zhang, Ningsheng Rui, Yanshan Cao


A Case of Postoperative Biliary Leakage Combined with Residual Stones after PTOBF Rigid Choledochoscopy



Siqin Dai, Hailiang Li, Junhao Liu, Cheng Li


A Cognitive Study on Hawaii Creole



Zhen Zhang


Research on high-quality service promotion in Zigong pension institutions from the perspective of "integration of sports and medical care"



Jianyou Yang, Jianhui Zhou, Jie Ding


The resistance characteristics and intensifying cavitation effect of the vortex diodes



Chang Yang, Jiaxin Fang, Ke Cheng, Mengfei Shen, Yifan Zhou, Yawen Shu, Jian Wang


The crosstalk between microRNAs and NF-κB signaling pathway in the induction of senescence-associated secretory phenotype



Jierong Liu, Xue Xiao and Zhijian Su


A Short Text Clustering Model for User Online Comments



Dianjie Bi, Houjun Liang, Xiaoling Chen and Yonghong Yu


Exploration and Research on the Promotion of Figure Skating on the Physical and Mental Health of Teenagers in the Post-Olympic Era



Jie Ding, Jianhui Zhou


Review on preparation methods and applications of Geological Polymer Microspheres



Luyao Wang, Guo Chao


Reliability Analysis Method Based on Augmented Multiplier Method and Firefly Algorithm



Jiahao Li, Linjun Wang, Aiqing She, Yang Huang


The R&D Manipulation Behavior and Governance of IPO Enterprises on the Science and Technology Innovation Board under the Registration System



Haoyu Wang, Deyu Li


Study on the preparation of pressure-assisted monodisperse carbon spheres



Lulu Zhang, Xiao Xie


The Role of Active Psychological Training in Suicide Prevention: A CitespaceIII analysis based on the ISI Web of Science database



Rui Qiu, Yue Gong, Zhihua Guo, Xianyang Wang, Peng Huang , Xia Zhu


Rolling bearing fault diagnosis method based on EWT-MED


Zhenxiong Wu a, Linjun Wang b, Tengxiao Zou


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