International Journal of Science

Volume 1, Issue 4

A Study on Control Strategy for Regenerative Braking in Parallel Hybrid ElectricVehicles Based on Energy Recovery Sufficiency                                                             

Jingming Zhang, Jinlong Liu, Jiawei Ma, Xiaoyu Zhang

Global existence and nonexistence to Parabolic Systems with Different TypeNonlinearities

Shujie Yun

Study on the Construction of Digital Library Based on VLAN Technology

Hanping Hu,Chenjie Zhang

On Improving the Policy of Cultural Industry Investment and Finance inChina

Zhou Li    

Impacts of Pavement Adhesion Coefficient on Parallel RegenerativeBraking Strategy of PHEV

JingmingZhang, Jinlong Liu, Jiawei Ma, Xiaoyu Zhang, Zhiwei Gao

Adsorption of group III atoms on silicon (111) substrate surface Car-Parrinellosimulations

Han Yan, PeiWang

Numerical Simulation Research on Flow and Heat Transfer of Air Sweeping SlitFin-Tube Heat Exchanger

Xukai Lou,Shier Dong and Zibo Zhang

Countermeasures on Liaoning Hot Springs Tourism Development Based on Post-modernTourism Perspective

Huiyuan Mao,Xin Liu

Study on infrared CCD detector imaging technology under high energy laserbackground

Peng Liu, XiaomanWang, Ying Chu, Bo Sun 

Research on Network Public Opinion and its influence on Network GroupEvents 

Ronghua Lu

Research on Faint Signal Real Time Detection Technique in Laser Atmosphere Communication System       

Zhiqiang Chen,Xiaoman Wang, Haili Zhao, Zhigang Li, Qi Wang

Study on Temperature Auto Control Based on Microcomputer

Xuanfeng Meng

Face Recognition under Variable Illumination Condition Using SIFT Method 

Wei Ge, LijuanCai, Chunling Han

The High-rise Building Fire Risk Assessment Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Hanfeng Huang

Temperature Stress Analysis of Building Roofs 

Yichao Zhang

Research on Selecting X-ray DR Radiographic Parameters to Detect Electrical Equipment

Zhanjie Lv,Guiji Tang, Zhangqin Wu, Jin Wang

A Brief Analysis on IPTV and the Convergence of Three Networks 

Chunling Han,Wei Ge

Limit Cycle for One Class of Integrable System  

Haitao Wu

TeachingModel of Adult Education under the Knowledge Economy

Tieshun Huang


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