International Journal of Science

Volume 2, Issue 7

Prevention and treatment of the cracks in the cast-in-place reinforced concrete floor in the northwest area
Huihong Feng, Xianshi Hu, Qi Huang

The Research on Text Classification algorithm based on SVM
Chenjie Zhang, Hanping Hu

Projection model for Computer Network Security Evaluation with interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy information
Qingxiang Li

Study on the ideological and political education of College Students under the network environment
Liyan Tu

Optimization Design of Trapezoidal Shed Supporting Structure
Ming Liu, Wenkai Li and Kuan Zhao

Travel agency management course teaching mode reform-----Based on the theory of task driving
Huiyuan Mao, Rongwei Sun

A Study on Quality Control of Highway Construction Supervision Based on Dynamic Management
Huihong Feng, Qi Huang and Xianshi Hu

Improvement of a Certificate less Signcryption Scheme without pairing
Xiao Zheng, Xiaohuan Yang

Research on GPU Parallel Methods of Real Time Rendering
Yahui Zhu, Xiangnian Huang and Yajun Zhang

Construction of Academic English as the Core of College English Teaching Mode
Jia He

Machine Optimization about Holding Portion of Automatic Teller Stereo Rotation Underground Bike Library
Jie Min, Haifeng Fang, Qi Wang, Lihua Cai

The study on land-use management of long distance pipeline project--a case study of the West crude oil pipeline project

Ji Guo

Choosing Parameters for 2-norm Support Vector Machines

Xiaohuan Yang, Xiaoming Wang, Yong Tian, Xiao Zheng

Research on Integration System of Construction and Safety Monitoring Based on BIM and RFID

Hongyong Liu, Fang Wu and Ren Dai

Research on Risk Management of Green Construction Based On Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Peng Zang

Research on risk management of supply chain partners

Xiaobing Wei

The Study of the Evaluation Mechanism of Undergraduate Education Reform
Shuang Ren

Risk of reverse logistics in petrochemical enterprises
Xiaobing Wei

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