International Journal of Science

Volume 9, Issue 12

Research on STEM Teaching Mode in Nanchong from the Perspective of Deep Learning



Yuehua Geng, Yixuan Zhou, Cheng Hou

Research On The Cultivation of Computing Thinking Ability In The Teaching of Computer Network Course



Lei Zhao

The Present Situation, Predicament and Outlet of "Political Economy" Teaching in Local Financial Colleges



Xinyun Tang, Zejiong Zhou

Research on Safety Testing Technology of IVI Based on the bypass of Unilateral Authentication



Jinchao Zhang, Xia Liu, Qi Li, Yujiao Wang, Yanyan Han

Research on the dynamic effect of mineral-pressure in coal and gas outburst working face



Bo Wang, Linchao Dai

Design and implementation of family doctor health management platform based on Internet of Things module



Meixi Wang

The Changing Of Connotation And Extension Of Photography Through Digital Technology



Changyu Li

Research on the improvement of test and evaluation scheme of APA Automatic Parking Assistance System for parallel parking



Jianqiang Lv, Yichen Zhang, Zhipeng Zhang, Shiwei Sha

The Early Diagnosis of Lung Cancer Based on Soft Parameter Sharing of Transfer Learning



Wanle Chi, Yun Huoy Choo, Ong Sing Goh and Jianji Shao

Research on Photography Teaching of Western Classical Oil painting style



Yuebo Lin

Research on The Design of Video Sharing Mode of Sports Highlights



Haonan Tan, Chuansheng Wu

Research and implementation of Smart Classroom Management technology based on NB-IoT



Yang Li, Wu Chun Yan

Study on the Current Situation of Energy Use in Tibetan Farming and Animal Husbandry Areas and Analysis of Countermeasures for Optimizing Energy Use



Chengpeng Liu, Li Wan, Yue Liu, SANGYONGLAMU

Research on GNSS High Precision Positioning and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Technology



Miao Gu, Pengcheng Xu, Guanyu Liu, Hailong Zhu, Qi Dong, Yongjian Sun

Inhibitory effect of a disulfide stabilized human double chain antibody against bFGF combined with cisplatin on ovarian cancer



Xi Chen, Ligang Zhang, Wenli Zhao, Raoqing Guo, Ning Deng

Research on Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis Model Based on Random Forest and XGBoost



Xiaohui Li, Ziheng Liu, Baixue Fan, Sheng Chu and Jitao He

Construction of learning environment based on virtual reality technology



Sheng Zeng

Digital development status and evaluation research of iron and steel enterprises



Yuyu Xing, Xiaolin Ma

Crop disease identification based on MRLeNet model



Chaoqi Hu, Yaohui Li and Zehao Fu

Research on Electrostatic Discharge detection method of new energy high-voltage battery system



Shiwei Sha, Tiecheng Guo, Xiaoyong Yang, Boxu Zhang

Analysis of English Reading Difficulty Evaluation



Jinhui Zhang, Ruijun Xie, Lanlan Shi

Investigation on the current situation of energy use in pastoral and agricultural areas in Tibet



Li Wan, Chengpeng Liu, Yue Liu, SANGYONGLAMU

A Brief Introduction to Special and General Relativity



Ruixing Liang

Research on the path of community social organization Cultivation from the perspective of governance-- A case study of the construction of voluntary Service Team of L Community in Beijing



Jinghong Han, Renjie Song, Ziyu Wang, Qiaolan Li

Analysis and design of Miniaturization of ice cream vending machine



Kaiyi Zhao

CSE-TransNet : Cell Nucleus segmentation method with Transformer



Ping Zou, Jiansheng Wu

Design of Energy Measurement and Monitoring System for Solar Water Heating Project


Zexiang Zheng, Xuelei Chen, Zuoli Zhang

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