International Journal of Science

Vol. 1, Issue 5

Volume 1, Issue 5

Wavelength Dispersion Amount Estimation Method Compensation Circuit and Reception Device

Chuansheng Wu, Yunqiu Shi

The Analysis about flow Around a Single Circular Cylinder

Heng Cai

Reflections on the Electric Information Course Examination System Reform

Chenjie Zhang, Hanping Hu

Prediction of Groundwater Level of Ji'nan Baotu Spring Using Grey Model and Elman Neural Network

Huan Zhang, Chunxia He

Reliability of Automobile Logistics Service Supply Chain

Meiling He, Peng Jing

Study and Evaluation on Clean Fracturing Fluid Performance

Baiman Wang, Shoucheng Wen and Mo Zhou

Researchon Chaos Encryption Method in Image DCT Domain

Ying Chu, Xiaoman Wang, Peng Liu, Shuchang Liu, Zhiqiang Han 

Research on Moving Object Detection Algorithm Based on Gaussian Mixture Model

JingwenLuo, Wei Wang, Ji Zuo, Yangchenglin Hu

An Integrated Approach for EvaluatingTeaching Competence in Colleges and Universities

YangchengHu, Xiaoling Pang

The Related Characteristics of Square Billet Continuous Casting Mold Electromagnetic Stirring

ShaobingWang, Jianchao Li

Three-dimensional Theoretical Model of Advanced Manufacturing

QiangFeng, Rongyao Chen

Research on Highway Project Sustainable Development Evaluation under the Perspective of Engineering Philosophy

ChaoqunTan, Huihong Feng, Lei Zhao

Reservoir Heterogeneity Study of Chang 7 Formation in an 83 Block

JiyongZhao, Shan Jiang, You’an He, Xiaojuan He

Study of the Evaluation Methods for Dents


Technology of Web Information Extraction


Research on the Measuring Method of TotalFactor Fossil Energy Efficiency from the Perspective of Green Growth

LiangwenYue, Chun-you Wu, Mier Zhang

The Cost Control Based on the WholeProcess Management of Hydraulic Engineering Construction

HuihongFeng, Lei Zhao, Chaoqun Tan

Thermal Infrared Face Recognition Using LinearDiscriminant Analysis Approach

WeiGe, Rui Li, Wei Cui

Design of Automatic Mower Based on SingleChip Microcomputer


Discuss the Modern Design Methods ofMechanical Parts

LifengZhu, Kai Wang

The Problems of Adult Education Teachers'Construction


The Experimental Study of the Impact ofRock Climbing Teaching to College Students’ Depression and Anxiety

YongWang, Qi Yang

Research on Joyful PE Teaching in College

ChenYu, Yang Qi

Analysis and Research on DistributionNetwork Scheduling Ground Fault

QinZhou, Xiaolong Li, Dong Liu, Wangjiang Bai, Yuan Wang


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