International Journal of Science

Volume 11, Issue 5

Simulation analysis on gas-liquid-solid three-phase flow in mining riser for gas hydrate extraction



Jie Xu, Xingyu Zhou, Jiandong Li, Liangliang Zhou, Jincheng Huang, Tianqi Huang, Xiaoqiang Guo


An Analysis of the Purpose, Significance and Impact of Rural Land Transfer Policies in China



Qinggang Sun


Research Progress on the Intervention Effect of Exercise Intervention on Chronic Metabolic Diseases in Middle-aged and Elderly People



Zhouyuan Yu, Rongna Wang


Research on the implementation path of physical medicine integration in disabled adolescents under the strategy of Healthy China



Weiwen Huang, Rongrong Yu


Exploration of Wenzhou Traditional Culture in Interior Design Teaching



Mengqi Zhou


Survey on Psychological Stress in Employment of College Students and Study on Countermeasures to Reduce Stress--Taking Qingdao Binhai University as an Example



Qingling Cui, Shoushun Zhang and Dongchao Luo


Research on the Impact of Economic Participation on China's National Image -- Taking the countries along the "the Belt and Road" as examples



Yonghui Xiang, Jingjing Li


Research and Implementation of Wireless Intelligent Sensing System for Greenhouse Based on IoT Technology



Xiaolei Zhong, Rui Qiao and Xin Wang


Benefit Analysis of High Standard Farmland Construction in Dry Farming



Deqiang Yu, Penghui Zhang


Research on the Influence of People's Living Standard and Environmental Protection Ability on Urban Innovation



Siya Cao, Ke Tang, Ci Wang, Qianqian Wang, Jin Chen


Based on O2O model: "Internet + Pension" community home care model construction and realisation path research



Junjie Yang, Keyang Xu and Han Han


The impact of incomplete forest land remediation projects soil quality and farmland production capacity



Shuwei Sun


Frontier Guard-- wireless charging scenery intelligent connection UAV network



Zuohao Zhang


Integrated application of cadmium telluride thin film components in curtain wall roofs



Yinguang Wang, Xiaoju Zhang, Tingyu Liu, Zhibo Zhang, Xuanzhong Luo


Practical Exploration of Moral Education Teaching in Advanced English I* Based on Super Star Learning Platform in the Context of Three Entries Campaign



Wenwen Zheng, Anna Wang


Smart Home System Based on STM32



Feng Zhou


Research on the Concept and Action Path of Labor Education from the Perspective of Resource Sharing--Taking Primary and Secondary Schools in Anhui Province as an Example



Wenwu Li


Research on the development strategy of rural cooperative economy in the post-epidemic era-- Take the rural areas in northern Anhui province as an example



Zihao Wang, Wenzhen Wei, Ling Gui, Long Shen and Jiayi Xu


Changes of reactive functional groups in coal with the release of small molecule gases during pyrolysis



Jie Xiang, Guoqi Dong and Jiandong Li


Guidelines for the Implementation of Increase and Decrease Linked Projects in National Spatial Planning



Shuwei Sun


The design and implementation of a Home Fire Monitoring System Based on IoT



Dong Ling, Zhang Lu


The Impact of New Quality Productivity on the Division of Labor in Global Value Chains--Empirical Evidence from Cross-Country Samples



Xing Ming, Yan Liu, Yining Zhou, Xiuying Cao


An Intervention Study of Academic Procrastination in College Students - A Comparison Based on ACT and Time Management



Xiaonong Chen, Yingting Fang , Xingdi Zhang, Zhijie Ruan and Weitong Chen


The impact of high standard farmland construction on soil quality and cultivated land



Wanying Li


Research on the Practical Teaching System of Physical Education Major in Local Normal Colleges under the Background of 'New Normal' Construction



Yanying Liu, Qingkun Feng


The Coupling Coordination and Interaction Mechanism of New Quality Productivity Development and Manufacturing Transformation and Upgrading



Wenjia Gu


Study on the path of green finance to help high-quality economic development in Anhui Province



Chuanshun Peng, Yuxuan Cao and Yuyan Zhan


The impact of national spatial planning on comprehensive land consolidation



Yong Zhao


The Impact of Campus Sports Culture on Students Academic Performance: A Holistic Examination in University Environment



Yonghong Chen, Dr.Rosita Castro, Shuqun He, Jiewei Gong


Research on the Design and Application of IP Image for Anti-Bullying in Schools from a Child-Friendly Perspective



Changyu Li


Research on the Evaluation of Agricultural Supply Chain Finance Development Level and Influencing Factors in the Perspective of Green Economy--Taking Anhui Province as an Example



Jiaxuan Lu, Hangyu Cao


Analysis of English Writing Anxiety and Relieving Ways



Xiao He


A Nomogram Predicting 28-day Mortality in Critically Ill Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease



Songbo Li, Bin Pan


Target capture of mobile robot based on extended Kalman filter method



Lei Gong , Chengcheng Mei, Ling Dong, Lu Zhang


The Road to Modernization of Chinese Accounting: Development History, Driving Factors, and Future Directions



Jiaxin Huang, Zhenhua Tan


Study on Getting Wealth Pattern and Optimization Path of Internet+ Mango Industry in Baise, Guangxi



Zhenjie Ma, Guoxing Ma


Research on the Impact of Digital Finance on Household Financial Asset Allocation



Yueyue Zhang


The application effectiveness of farmland water conservancy in the construction of high standard farmland



Xiaowan Chen


Research on the application practice of financial digital resilience -- taking Ant Group as an example



Xue Zhou


Non-coding RNAs in Cell Death Mechanisms: Intersection and Therapeutic Potential of Ferroptosis, Cuproptosis, and Disulfidptosis



Nengjia Yang, Cheng Li


Construction of Robot System Based on Kalman Filter



Ziyang Li, Ling Dong, Lu Zhang


Research on the Construction and Implementation of Big Data Technology Specialized Curriculum under the "Post-Course-Competition-Certificate" Integrated Training Model



Jianji Shao


Personalized Information Retrieval to Scaffold Learning


Qianyi Gu


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